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Breakdown Cover

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Breakdown Cover
Motor Break-down Cover - Your Roadside Assistance Solution

Finding yourself stranded on the roadside when your vehicle unexpectedly breaks down can be stressful and dangerous. Motor break-down cover provides convenient roadside assistance so you can get back on the road quickly and safely. This essential coverage is designed specifically for the needs of drivers.

What Motor Break-Down Cover Includes

Quality motor break-down policies feature a range of standard services that aim to minimize disruption when car trouble strikes. This usually includes:

•  Roadside repair - Professional mechanics are dispatched to diagnose and repair common issues like battery jumps, lockouts, tire changes and more.

•  Towing - If your vehicle can't be fixed roadside, it will be towed to the nearest approved repair shop or other destination of your choice. Long-distance tows are often covered for an additional fee.

•  Vehicle return - Transportation may be coordinated to retrieve your vehicle after covered repairs are completed.

•  Misfuelling assistance - Help is dispatched if the wrong type of fuel is accidentally pumped into your vehicle's gas tank.

•  Winching - Stuck in mud or snow? Specialized equipment can extricate your vehicle when it's trapped off-road.

•  Hotel discounts & rental car reimbursement - Select plans help reimburse the cost of hotels and rental cars if you are stranded away from home.

Customizing Your Motor Break-Down Cover

While roadside assistance is the main element, motor break-down providers offer additional services you can add to your core coverage. Common options include coverage for caravans and trailers, vehicle modifications like lifts and custom paint, emergency travel and accommodation benefits away from home, and reimbursement for food spoilage if your refrigerated goods are lost after an extended roadside disablement.

Research policies thoroughly to find the motor break-down cover best aligned with your unique driving lifestyle. Understanding exclusions is also important before you purchase a policy or require roadside help.

Getting Fast Roadside Assistance

Top providers make it easy to get prompt help in your moment of need. At the first sign of vehicle trouble, safely pull over and call the 24/7 emergency hotline number listed on your motor break-down membership card. Provide key details like your contract number, vehicle make and model, precise location and description of issues. A friendly agent will dispatch a certified mechanic or tow truck driver to get you back on the road quickly.

Don't wait until you have an emergency to enrol in motor break-down cover. The peace of mind is well worth the small annual or monthly investment. Do your research to find a reputable provider of roadside assistance now, before you need it.

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