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Building and Contents Insurance

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Building and Contents Insurance
Building and Contents Insurance - Protect What Matters Most

Your home and belongings represent a major financial investment and likely hold irreplaceable sentimental value. Building and contents insurance safeguards what matters most with customized coverage for your property and possessions.

Understanding What's Covered

As the name suggests, building and contents insurance is divided into two primary categories:

Building Cover

This insures the physical structure of your home and additional permanent structures like garages, tool sheds and fences against covered loss events. It also often covers essential services to the home like electricity, plumbing, heating and more.

Contents Cover

This protects your possessions inside the home from perils like theft, fire, storms and water damage. Policies are flexible - cover high value items like jewellery, art, electronics separately or under a grouped total contents sum insured.

Additional Coverages

Quality building and contents insurance providers offer a range of options to expand your core cover:

•  Alternative accommodation if a covered event makes your property uninhabitable during repairs.

•  Loss of rent if rental income is interrupted.

•  Liability protection if visitors suffer an injury on your property.

•  Cover for valuables, collectibles and items taken outside the home.

•  Landscaping and garden restoration.

Carefully review all available add-ons with your insurance agent to customize optimal protection for your unique situation.

The Claims Process

In the unfortunate event you need to file a building or contents claim, timely notification is key. Document damage with photos/video and provide all requested paperwork to your insurer like police reports and inventory lists. Be prepared to confirm coverage limits and excesses that apply. Maintain accurate records of additional expenses incurred.

While financial reimbursement eases the monetary burden, losing cherished possessions can still be emotionally taxing. Top providers connect policyholders with counsellors and specialist cleaning/repair services so you can restore both home and normalcy after a traumatic event.

Safeguard What Matters

Building and contents cover brings peace of mind that your property and valuables are protected even when the unexpected strikes. Take stock of your current insurance policies and meet with an experienced agent to ensure your coverages and limits adequately meet your lifestyle needs today and into the future.

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